Progress Report

        The book I’ve decided to write on is the Catcher and the Rye. This book grasps my attention because it is so contriversial and a symbol of teenager angst. Why the book grasps my attention are mostly the same reasons I’m writing on it. Teenage angst, vulgar language, sex, drugs, and deviancy is something I believe shapes a troubled life and without these elements Holden wouldn’t be the same character and would lack the depth Salinger ment for him.

      As far as my paper goes I’m a bit stuck. I over estimated the amount of information I had lost conserning the material in the book over the years. My first task this weekend is to re-read The Catcher and the Rye. I’ve found plenty of material on the book, given that its the third most continually banned book. I really just need to read the text again and find if I still have a passion for the book, without it I find it hard to write an inspired paper. This first time around it captivated me so I’m hoping the second time I read it will be no different. My challange is really one of remembering enough details about the book to begin writing a fully formed opinion but that will quickly be taken care of this weekend.

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